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Words to Live By

23rd August 2011

My mom always had great quotes (thoughts, statements, mantras, etc.) to share with me when I was growing up. I didn’t realize how much I missed them until I started seeing graphic quotes pop up on Pinterest (yes, I’m obsessed). Here are some of my favorite “words to live by” right now…

Amen, Kate Spade.

Always makes life more fun!

Tough, but true.

I remind myself every day...

Sometimes a plan isn't always the best plan.

I wish more people lived like this.

Be flexible!


Good reminders.

Ugh, so true!

Top Five

3rd July 2011

As many of you know, I spend most of my time surfing Pinterest these days. On a weekly basis, I plan to share some of my favorite pins here. Click on the images to lead back to the original source or visit my Pinterest site.

Here is this week’s top five:


Such a clever idea!


Amen. Stop waiting around for your life to start.


What I’m Loving on Pinterest…

18th May 2011

Here is a peek at the things that get my heart racing on Pinterest right now…

Before and After – Chairloom

8th February 2011

As soon as I signed the lease on my new apartment (I moved in last weekend Рhooray!), I started looking for some new pieces of furniture. I found the chair below on Chairloom and immediately fell in love. I had been looking for a red chinoiserie chair, but I thought this black bamboo had great potential.

After days of debate I finally picked out a great fabric from Schumacher (High Voltage in Berry) and had Chairloom recover it. I am so thrilled with the outcome! It looks fabulous in my living room! Many thanks to Molly at Chairloom!