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Hello, again!

2nd August 2011

I just got back from a lovely mini-vacation on Nantucket. It was a much needed escape from reality and a great chance to catch up with old friends. For those of you have never visited the island, I have some long-standing recommendations (read my older post here), but I’ve got some new additions below.

Driving on the sand to Great Point - always a must!

12 Degrees East– a great new restaurant in the old Cambridge Street location. The interior and menu got a revamp, but it’s still a great spot to beat crowds and enjoy a cocktail or bite to eat. I highly recommend the flatbread appetizer – I can’t stop thinking about it!

Millie’s – if you’re in Madaket, there is no better place to watch the sunset and have an evening cocktail. Stop by for a Madaket Mystery and the best tuna tacos you’ve ever eaten! If you don’t have a car on-island, take the hourly shuttle from the information booth in town.

Petticoat Row Bakery – a great little spot on Centre street next door to Vanessa Noel shoes. If you see something that looks delicious, buy it immediately. They will run out!

Ventuno – another great new restaurant in the old 21 Federal location (Ventuno is 21 in Italian). The interior has not changed, but the food and atmosphere are more laid-back. The menu is full of small dishes you can share. I loved everything.

Matt Fee Tea

Matt Fee Tea – I’ve been a fan of Something Natural for as long as I’ve been visiting the island, but I only recently started drinking their homemade tea. It’s an herbal blend with an interesting mix of hibiscus, rosehips, mint, sugar and lemon. Sounds strange, but I promise it’s life changing!

Table Setting for a Modern Age

11th July 2011

Raised by restauranteurs, I was taught dining etiquette earlier than most kids learn to ride a bike. It was, and still is, an unspoken religion at home. In my mind, however, table setting, unlike dining etiquette, can have many different (and still appropriate) interpretations.

I recently set a table for a fancy dinner party and I realized I didn’t know all the “rules.” Don’t get me wrong, I knew where the forks and knives went, but the oodles of glasses were terribly confusing. So, I came home, searched the internet and found a number of different visuals. In the end, they are all basically the same with a few minor changes.

A classic table setting from Mrs. Lillien.

Emily Post: Basic Table Setting

Emily Post: Informal Place Setting

Emily Post: Formal Table Setting

Dining do's and don'ts.

Elle Decoration lays the table

Elle Decoration lays the table.

My friend Sarah was recently featured in this great video illustrating a few modern table setting interpretations.

But at the end of the day, it’s all about the food, not the table setting. Right? Most of us just don’t live in a reality where we need four glasses or a seafood fork. In our modern era, dining is an adventure and table setting is part of that experience.

Where to Eat Now: NYC

5th July 2011

I’ve been to a lot of fabulous restaurants in New York in the past few months. Here is my short list of the best-of-the-best.

The Beauty & Essex pawn shop entrance.

Beauty and Essex – I’m not usually into places with this much hype, but it’s well deserved. B&E has a great bar scene and awesome food. Don’t leave without trying the box of donuts or venturing to the women’s room for a free glass of champagne!

Roof Garden at Bell, Book and Candle.

Bell, Book and Candle – can it get any better? Farm-to-table is just this simple: grow it on the roof, serve it downstairs. That’s the claim-to-fame at Bell, Book and Candle. 80% of the veggies and herbs are grown upstairs on the roof, proving that great food really can be local, fresh and fabulous.

Truffled Honey and Ricotta with Grilled Bread at Locanda Verde.

Locanda Verde – Worth the wait! Everything on the menu is decadent. Chef Carmellini is a downright fabulous. If you can’t get a reservation, show up early and wait at the bar.

Bar at The Smith

The Smith – I think I’m the last of my friends to finally visit The Smith. Apparently if you’re a New Yorker, this is the place to eat right now. The food is fabulous, reasonably priced, and the atmosphere is awesome. What more can you ask for? Oh, a great Side Car, right!

Escargot and Bone Marrow at M. Wells

M. Wells – this new Queens diner is anything but your traditional diner. In fact, I’d call the food downright outrageous with a menu including brains and pickled pork tongue. Definitely a must-visit for anyone with an adventurous palette.

Fluke at Ma Peche.

Ma Peche – I actually went here for the first time last summer, but it’s still on my short-list. David Chang really knows how to serve an amazing meal. My favorite dish is the fluke photographed above, but I really don’t think you can go wrong. Everything is packed full of flavor. Skip the dessert at Milk Bar on the way out – undeserved hype. The “crack pie” is just so-so.


6th June 2011

‘Tis the season for campfires! As you all know, I’m not a huge sweets-eater, but you can’t go wrong with a S’more. Everyone loves the slightly burnt marshmallow, crunchy graham crackers and Hershey’s milk chocolate. Yum!

Here are some of my favorite takes to the traditional recipe/idea:

Easy S'mores Cookies from Dear Lillie

Peanut butter S'mores turnovers from Recipe Girl

S'mores Kit from Fancy That

S'mores cake in a jar from How Sweet It Is

Peanut butter and chocolate cookie S'mores from Thoughtfully Simple

What I’m Loving on Pinterest…

18th May 2011

Here is a peek at the things that get my heart racing on Pinterest right now…

Brunch Party

27th February 2011

For the past year I’ve been collecting photos of great brunch parties. There are so many clever ideas out there. This weekend we had a brunch-theme event for one of our store openings – it was a great success. Makes me want to try it at home!

French Toast Kebabs from Good Food

Pancake Stacks from Design*Sponge


Cinnamon Rolls on a Stick from Zoe Bakes

Individual Frittatas from Sweet Paul

Bacon and Egg Crepes from Young, Married and Chic

Nutella filled donut holes from Cream Puffs in Venice