I Need a Nap

19th April 2011

To all of my loyal readers out there, apologies for my inconsistent posting. Life has been insane – insanely happy and filled with travel, friends and family – but insane nonetheless. I am glowing personally and promise to share my happy adventures with all of you on a more frequent basis!

For those of you who may feel like I do these days, naps are an essential part of life (they always have been, it’s a Worster thing). Recently, I found myself in New York City utterly exhausted. I googled “nap NYC” and what did I find? Yelo Spa on 57th Street. Less than an hour later I found myself in a pod fast asleep for forty minutes.

When I arrived at Yelo Spa they let me select calming music and aromatherapy of my choice, and then led me to my pod with a zero-gravity chair and blanket. The chair allowed my heart to  rise above my heart, which enabled me to fall asleep faster. HEAVEN. When my forty minutes ended, the light rose like the sun to wake me up. I’ve never felt more refreshed.

If you need a break, check it out for yourself! Best $ I’ve spent in a long time!

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