Cupcake Mania

17th June 2010

The world is totally obsessed with cupcakes. I thought it was just the US, but after my trip to France I’m convinced it’s a worldwide phenomenon.I’m sure this revelation is no surprise to you, but I’m still baffled. How and when did this rage start? My guess: Sex and the City. Carrie was always standing around on waiting for Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes. This is not rocket science – people see a long wait and it creates a demand.

But seriously, the cupcake insanity seems to be reaching all new levels. For instance, there are now enough cupcake bakeries/shops in New York City to warrant an entire “best-of” article by New York Magazine (written by Nancy Olson of Grammercy Tavern, of all people). If you happen to live the city, I’d suggest you check out the top five: 1. ChiKaLicious 2. Batch 3. Kyotofu 4. One Girl 5. Two Little Red Hens.

Kyotufu Cupcakes from New York Magazine

I’m not a huge cupcake fan myself (to clarify: I don’t really like to eat them, love to bake and use them as decoration), but I’m intrigued by the craziness. So, without further ado, here is my cupcake round-up:

Bake it Pretty – I’ve never received as many compliments about cupcakes than the day I baked them in the lovely wrappers I bought from Bake it Pretty. The really have the best selection I’ve found.

Cupcake Stands – while there are a million different things to buy to decorate cupcakes, there aren’t a lot of cupcake stands on the market. Personally, I think these disposable stands from Hello Hanna are genius – 6 for $10.95. Yes, please! However, if you’d like something that will last forever, I highly suggest these amazing little stands from Farmhouse Wares. A set of 6 is only $38.95. And, I’ve always been a fan of this Crate & Barrel stand – it’s totally affordable and packs down into a nice flat box.

Sweet Stands from Hello Hanna

Individual Stands from Farmhouse Wares

Crate & Barrel

Great ideas – if you’re just looking for some great decorating ideas, here are some of my favorite sites: Amy AtlasBakearellaCupcakes Take the CakeMartha Stewart and Wilton.

Skickerdoodle Duo from Bakearella

Martha Stewart

Flavors – seriously, the flavor ideas and combinations are endless now. Remember when you had two choices – vanilla or chocolate?! Well, these days I’m most impressed with Sprinkles (who posts what’s available daily online) and Butter Lane Cupcakes. Their flavor selections are amazing.

A few of the Butter Lane Cupcake flavors.

Not in the mood to bake? – No worries, you can get these fabulous little treats delivered. Check out these sites: Billy’s Bakery (NYC only, but I love the individual boxes), Crumbs and Sprinkles.

Billy's Bakery



Gluten Free or Vegan – If you’re in the New York or LA area, check out Babycakes. Their cupcakes are amazing! They also have a great cookbook with lots of amazing vegan and gluten-free recipes.

Red Velvet Babycakes

Babycakes Cookbook

Just for fun – this is my favorite cupcake find in the past year. The directions are really simple and the results are SO adorable. Honestly, who wouldn’t be Hootin’ for one of these cupcakes?

Hootin' for Cupcakes!

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