4th June 2010

I’m madly in love with all things Taschen – they publish/sell the most amazing books. I could get lost in their stores for hours (which I did this past weekend in Paris). My latest find was a Keel’s Simple Diary. Folks have been talking about how fabulous these little journal’s are for quite some time, but I had no idea how FABULOUS until I started reading one.

Here is a little sampling of the zany things asked in the Keel’s Simple Diary:

Your day was: 1. a freakshow 2. a no-show 3. a showdown.

The most horrifying couple you know: ________________ and ________________.

It would be foolish to: ___________________.

Something you regret for no particular reason: ____________________.

You are good to go? Y/N

What or who makes you nervous and you really never understood why: _________________.

Your day was: 1. a lettuce 2. an ostrich 3. a bonus.

You prefer: 1. strong wind 2. heavy rain.

2 thoughts on “Keel’s

  1. Linda

    Linds – just wanted to write and say I purchased these Keels Diaries for all the favorite women in my life and they all, including myself, love them!! What a great idea….Just wanted to let you know : )

    Hope you’re enjoying your summer !!


    1. worsterswanderlust

      That’s SO awesome!! Aren’t they hysterical?!

      Hope you’re having a great summer, too! XOXO


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