Guest Post: Kate’s Parisian Birthday Party

12th May 2010

I am very excited to share my first guest blog post from my one of my oldest and dearest friends, Lissy. She inspires me everyday with her creativity and spirit – I am so excited to share some of her world with all of you, and hope there will be many more guest blog posts from her in the future! Without further ado, here’s Lis…

Lindsey and I have been friends for as long as I can remember… when we met at six years old we bonded over having almost the same name and almost the same birthday (very big deals to six year olds!).  Over the years we loved celebrating our big days with joint birthday parties.  Now I am the mom of two little ones and I’m having a ball being their party planner!

My daughter Kate just had her 2nd birthday and I decided to throw her a Paris-inspired party.  Knowing Kate will want to have a say in her party’s theme next year, I decided on something that would be fun for me to plan this year and I ran with it!  I gathered up goodies like fleur-de-lis ribbon and an Eiffel Tower statue (I added a coat of hot pink paint) and I made birthday banners and a polka dot party hat.  After making a hat last year for Kate’s 1st birthday, I started selling them in my Etsy shop, shoplissy.  I love creating these party hats and it’s fun for me to think about them being captured in treasured birthday photographs!

Kate had a great time at her birthday party… almost as much fun as I had planning it!


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