Supper Club Confidential

13th December 2009

Food & Wine Magazine just did a great feature on The Fourcoursemen, an Athen’s, Georgia-based supper club. It started with two guys who loved to cook and has now inspired an entire community. Reminds me a lot of Brooklyn-based Sunday Suppers.

From the magazine: “It’s amazing what can happen when two guys who just love to cook team up. Damien Schaefer and Randolph Dudley, both graphic designers, started meeting at Schaefer’s house in Athens, Georgia, to try new recipes. They had such a good time, they talked about starting a cooking show. But then, three years ago, they had a better idea: a supper club that would allow them to share their experiments—duck hot dogs, cuitlacoche (corn fungus) ravioli. After enlisting two more friends, they began making multicourse dinners for 24, soliciting reservations online and accepting donations. They called it The FourCoursemen. Their dinners developed a cultlike following and began selling out within minutes of being posted.”

“Today The FourCoursemen is comprised of six people, including a wine pro and three professional chefs who like to experiment in their off-hours. The group has a few unspoken rules: They never make the same thing twice, they never plan a dinner more than a few days out and they don’t announce the menu until the evening starts. “We like to keep it punk rock,” explains Schaefer, who designs websites for bands like Athens natives R.E.M. Some dishes are amazing, others more interesting than delicious, but the dinners are always a blast.”

Click here to read the entire article from Food & Wine. I don’t know about you, but I wish we had a supper club in my town!

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