St. Germain

21st October 2009

I can’t believe its Wednesday! I’ve been trying desperately to recover from our weekend on the Vineyard and keep up at work! The Food & Wine Festival was a blast – weather was great, but too windy to do the oyster flats tour. The highlight was definitely the grand tasting featuring a demonstration by Top Chef Stefan Richter and great food from local restaurants and wine from all over the world.

Hands down our most favorite find was the St. Germain booth. I’ve been admiring their advertising for years, but I’d never tried the incredibly tasty Elderflower liqueur. It’s AMAZING!


Try this amazing cocktail recipe:

2 shots Dry Champagne, Prosecco or Cava

1 1/2 shots of St. Germain

2 shots Club Soda

Serve over ice and stir well. Squeeze essential oils from a lemon twist into the glass and garnish.

3 thoughts on “St. Germain

  1. charlesprice

    I started to buy a bottle last week but the price in OR ($40) put me off for awhile.

    You’ve been getting some hits from our site. Congratulations. Be sure to read the Libation Perpetration for another great cocktail. Charles

    1. worsterswanderlust

      It’s amazing – you should definitely buy a bottle!

      So glad to I’ve been getting hits – you have been too! :)

      Hope we can get together and catch up when I come home for Christmas!

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