Far Foods

4th October 2009

How scary is this? Whole Foods is great about listing where their produce comes from, but do you ever stop to think about how much energy it’s taken to get that apple or tomato to you? I came across this link on A Cup of Jo – it’s called “Far Foods” packaging. While it’s not real, it could be and it’s pretty unbelievable. Makes you stop and think what a huge carbon imprint you’re making by buying produce from non-local sources. To find a local sources (grocery stores, CSA’s, restaurants, etc.) near you, visit local harvest.




One thought on “Far Foods

  1. D.E.L

    Spooky! I’m from Argentina, and I can’t believe this! How much are you guys paying for those products?!
    I believe it’s all about globalization, anyway… Isn’t it?

    It’s great this blog of yours!


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