Say Cheese!

1st October 2009

I’m obsessed with cheese – absolutely love it. I could eat it three meals a day for the rest of my life and be blissfully happy.


A few weeks I finally made a pilgrimage to Artiainal in New York, and it was absolute heaven! Almost everything on the menu is served with cheese in some way. In fact, we had a delicious apple tart dessert with cheddar cheese – amazing! They also do amazing flights of cheese, which they can pair with wines for you. We had Sainte-Maure (goat, pictured above), Pont l’eveque (cow) and Abbaye de Belloc (sheep), all from France.

So, now all I can think about is throwing a cheese party! Real Simple featured a great cheese party a few years back and I think they’ve got some very clever ideas. I really love the invite with the cut-out holes and the tasting sheets.




I also came across these fabulous cheese markers on Eat Drink Chic (available at Rain Collection). I also discovered this great cheese board and knives. So adorable – must have!

magcheesemarkers304 magcheeseboardwithknives304

41 thoughts on “Say Cheese!

  1. bennylee

    Isn’t Artisinal wonderful!! And we got those same cheese markers as a wedding gift…my wide (also named Lindsey and I love cheese so I was so excited to see your post. Take care and thanks!

    1. worsterswanderlust

      Thanks for your comment! I LOVE those cheese markers – ordered them last night. Can’t wait!! I will definitely check out your blog!

  2. carolynlee

    I adore cheese as much as I adore a good piece of dark chocolate. I am lucky to live around the corner from Southend Formaggio in Boston. They also have a shop on the lower eastside in Manhatten on Essex Street. It’s named Formaggio Essex.

  3. Michael Wlach

    Cheese is one of my (many) weaknesses I like a good mature Cheddar, Brie, Emmental and occasionally try out some of the more interesting combinations e.g. Wensleydale and Cranberries.

    Everyone should eat “more” cheese :)

  4. geminifive

    That’s nice: cheese-tasting. I want to try the goat cheese (the one in the picture). I want to try that pilgrimage.

    I kind of have a thing for blue cheese, it’s so strong in flavor that I only have to have a little piece for a big cracker. I wonder if the goat cheese would be as strong.

  5. Sarah

    I saw your blog in the fresh pressed section and being “cheesy”, I had to drop in. I LOVE the Swiss Cheese invites, I must remember them for my next soirée.
    Thanks muchly,

  6. Ol 56er

    Hey! Saw your fb post and came to visit. I had to comment because I LOVE Artisanal AND we have that same cheese plate/knives set. We got it as a wedding gift. Definitely not as awesome as our lobster pot, but still. I miss neighbors!

    1. worsterswanderlust

      Yay – so glad you checked it out! Yes, major love for cheese and salt here at 56! Miss you – hope we can get together soon and catch up!

  7. peteadkins

    I’m in China at the moment where the concept of Cheese is unknown in most rudimentary meals. I miss it more than any other home comfort.

  8. swapna

    I’ve never tasted any varieties of cheese other than the ones in Pizza and Burgers. Though the look of cheese always lures me, am yet to plunge into that journey of tasting.Wondering whether you eat the mould on it too?

  9. Serbo-Canadian from Macau

    Chese rules. The lack of quality cheese outside of Hong Kong is a major drawback to my love for South East Asia with its wonderfully delicious durian.

  10. Childwoman

    I love Cheese. When I eat it, I feel happy! I got my best friend to buy me garlic and herb cheese from Paris!! 😀 and she got me two boxes!!

    Anyone a fan of melted cheese??!? :)

    I loved your post! Its great!! :)

  11. summersrun

    My dad would buy New York Sharp wherever he could find such, quite often at the Crawford County Fair, Meadville, PA.

    “Sharp” was an understatement–a healthy slab would take the roof of your mouth off. Not for the timid or those who prefer subtlety. His favorite sandwich was NY Sharp and raisins. (!)

    Thanks for your piece and recommendations.

  12. avenuel

    If you’re going to Paris, the cheese there is amazing. If you like goat cheese, that with “La Tradition Baguette” and tomato slices is amazzzinnnggggg.

    1. worsterswanderlust

      Thanks, Charles! I’m just like my mom – not a chocolate fan, but I’ll check that place in SoHo out next time I’m in the city. I’m sure it’s amazing! Also, check back later this week – I did wrote a post about the Scharffen Berger chocolate adventure contest. Hope all is well with you!

  13. Michael

    Once in Zurich I went into a local market and I ate a piece of cheese labeled Asiago Italia, it was soft and had no resemblance to any Asiago cheese I have found here in America in the 8 years since; I’m fully convinced it was the best piece of cheese I will ever eat. I often wonder if it was the cheese that was better – or if I was just wrapped up in working abroad and having bread and cheese from the local market at the end of the day after getting off the train. I think it was the cheese, it was Switzerland after all.

  14. Boo

    And I LOVE those slate cheese boards you can write on with chalk, like that one I got Annie from Plum. They aren’t expensive, and they make a cute gift, especially when topped with cheese itself!


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