Hotel Griffou

4th September 2009

Last weekend my best friend from home came out to visit, and  we had a completely ridiculous weekend wandering around New York City. The highlight was definitely dinner at the new Hotel Griffou.

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The restaurant opened two months ago, with well-seasoned owners from the Waverly Inn, Pastis and Freeman’s. It adds to the list of New York’s new “hidden supper clubs.” And, hidden it is.

My favorite quote: Things are rarely what they seem. Take for instance, 21 W. 9th Street. By all accounts a quaint-looking apartment building on a quiet block just off Washington Square. But when you step past its unmarked blue awning and down a few steps, prepare yourself for a little shock and awe.

I felt like Alice in Wonderland falling into the rabbit hole. Past the unassuming entrance there are six connected rooms, each with their own theme and style. There is a library, salon, studio, wine cellar and a garden room with a patio.

Restaurant Girl-Hotel Griffou

We couldn’t get reservations, but grabbed a cocktail and waited for seats at the bar. The drink list is completely out-of-this world, all made with fresh ingredients. I was totally mesmerized watching the bartender as she put together the crazy concoctions.

And, while the food reviews haven’t been so hot, our meal was amazing. We tried the duck confit poutine (my favorite – amazing!!), foie gras special and pork paillard, which is apparently the same recipe made by Madame Marie Griffou when the building was a boarding house in the late 1800’s.

I highly recommend a visit, even if just for a cocktail. It’s an experience.

Some other reviews: The New Yorker, NY Daily News and Eater.

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