Eating Meat for the Environment

25th July 2009

My friend Betsy recently forwarded me a link to an article, Eating Meat for the Environment, by Julie Hanus. It’s a great defense as to why we should still eat meat if it’s produced in a sustainable way.


Here’s a snippet: “…Grass-fed livestock can be an essential player in a sustainable set-up. Manure revitalizes soil (in lieu of chemical fertilizers or shipped-in compost), and grazing encourages plant growth… ‘In order for pasture-based livestock to become a significant part of the meat industry, we need to eat more of its meat, not less,’ Hamilton writes. ‘So if you want to use your food choices to impact climate change, by all means follow Dr. Pachauri’s suggestion for a meatless Monday. But on Tuesday, have a grass-fed burger—and feel good about it.'”

I’ll eat to that! Beautiful photo of Shake Shack burgers via Just Cook It.

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