Virtual Vacation: Paris

22nd July 2009

I’ve been studying French life and culture for years. I’m not really sure when or how the obsession started, but I just can’t stop. I’ve read stacks of books including Entre Nous (check out my previous post), French Lessons, A Year in Provence, All You Need to Be Impossibly French; I’ve watched Amelie and A Good Year on repeat. Over the spring I even took at French class at the Alliance Francaise. Clearly, a trip to Paris should be in my future! Maybe I can get my act together and something planned for the fall.



I’m also loving Parisian guidebooks right now, in particular a collection by The Little Bookroom, which I first discovered on Black Eiffel. I’m particularly smitten by this one in particular, Paris Chic & Trendy. It’s all about great design studios, boutiques and vintage stores. They have other books like: The Brasseries of Paris, Authentic Bistros of Paris, The Flea Markets of France, Boutique and Chic Hotels in Paris, etc.


Lovely photos above from Flickr by Simon Crubellier and danske.

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