Gourmet Magazine: The Seeds of an Heirloom Revolution

29th June 2009

The Chefs Collaborative sent an email out today with a great link to an article in Gourmet Magazine by Barry Estabrook. Check it out here.


Here’s a snippet: “This spring, as part of Slow Food’s RAFT (Renew America’s Food Traditions) program, the Collaborative, which is dedicated to connecting chefs to local farmers, recruited 28 New England farmers to plant 16 varieties of heirloom vegetables traditionally grown in the region (including Boothby’s blonde cucumber, Boston marrow squash, true red cranberry bean, and Gilfeather turnip, to name a few). The produce will be purchased, prepared, and served this summer and fall by 35 chefs with restaurants in Boston; Providence, Rhode Island; and Portsmouth, New Hampshire.”

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