Garden at the Cellar

13th December 2008

This fall I went up to Boston to visit my friends Erica and Daryn. Just down the street from their old apartment in Cambridge a restaurant opened called Garden at the Cellar. They’ve been eating dinner there almost once a week for the past six months, so they took me along to check it out.

The chef, Will Gilson, is part of the family that started the Herb Lyceum in Groton, Massachusetts.  So, its no wonder that the food at Garden at the Cellar is full of herbs. I’ve never encountered food with such creativity and flavor, yet so simple at the same time. The best part – everything is fresh, local and sustainable.

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For starters we had Polenta Fries with Parmesan, chilies and sage, Seared Scallops with celery root, marjoram and chanterelles, and Glazed Short Rib with marjoram, turnips and crispy onions. The Garden at the Cellar is known for their scallops, and while they were great, I thought the Polenta Fries and Short Rib were out of this world.

For dinner we each had soup (it was just starting to get cold in Boston that week, what could be better?!). Erica and I had Tomato-Herb soup with grilled Vermont cheddar sandwich, and Daryn had Truffled Potato-Leek soup with thyme and fingerling potato chips, which they poured into his bowl at the table around a mound of fresh herbs in the bottom. Amazing!

If you’re in the Boston/Cambridge area, you should go and check it out for yourself. Be prepared to wait in line for a table – it’s worth it! Garden at the Cellar, 991 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA. 617-230-5880.

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